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Tailored Solutions for Every Web Development Need

At Chanak Analytics, we specialise in crafting tailored solutions for every need. From engaging mobile applications to strategic social media campaigns, targeted PPC efforts, and SEO mastery, we turn your digital dreams into a vibrant online reality.

  • User Experience Design Team.

    Our talented User Experience Design team at Chanak Analytics crafts digital experiences with empathy, innovation, and user-centric design, ensuring seamless navigation and meaningful connections for business success.

  • Simple & Clean Line of Code

    Crafting code with simplicity and clarity for efficient, readable development. We build websites, apps, and digital strategies with user-friendly coding practices.


Quick Facts & Financials


We drive creativity with cutting-edge web solutions for tomorrow's challenges


Ensuring excellence in very line of code and design.

Client Base

X+ delighted clients and counting.


From web design to SEO, we cover your entire digital journey.


Skilled team with cutting-edge web development expertise.


Proudly crafting success stories since 2019.

150+ Five Star Reviews

Best suited for freelancers who works individually.

Our Story

Join us on a journey to blend passion, technology and ideas. We create digital stories that bring your vision to life,

  • Key Performance Metrics.
    Proven success fuels our growth; we constantly establish, surpass, and redefine benchmarks.
  • Strategic Investments.
    Strategically navigating growth, we invest in tools and technologies that define tomorrow.
  • Revenue Growth Trends.
    Our trajectory? Upwards. Unwavering commitment to growth fuels our revenue success.
  • Operational Efficiency.
    Efficiency isn't just a word; it's the backbone of our seamless operations.

Crafting Digital Excellence


We believe in open communication, ensuring your vision is not just heard but truly understood. From concept to execution, we make the journey transparent and collaborative. We keep you in the loop at every milestone!

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Reinforce Trust

Trust is the bedrock of our partnerships. We work tirelessly to earn and maintain your trust, delivering on promises and surpassing expectations. Your digital dreams are in trustworthy hands.

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Humble Approach

We embrace challenges with a down-to-earth spirit, fostering an atmosphere where collaboration thrives and projects flourish.

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Work With The Top 1% Talent

Crafting excellence demands the best. Join forces with us and experience innovation with the top 1% of tech talent at your service.

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Our Technology Capabilities

Unleash digital brilliance with our technology prowess—where innovation, efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions meet to shape your digital future.


Where Innovation meets practical excellence

Efficient Coding Standards :

Streamlined code for optimal performance. Our developers adhere to industry-leading standards, ensuring clean, efficient, and future-ready web solutions.

User-Centric Design Philosophy :

We prioritize users in every design. From seamless navigation to engaging interfaces, our designs are rooted in enhancing user experience, making your digital space truly inviting.

Agile Development Methods :

Agile is not just a term; it's our DNA. We embrace flexibility, collaboration, and iterative progress. We ensure rapid development cycles that keep pace with your evolving needs.

Project Management models & flexibilities

Beat Fraud :

Ensuring security without compromise. Our real-time monitoring and robust protocols shield your digital assets from evolving cyber threats.

  • Real-time threat monitoring.
  • Robust protection protocols.
  • Shield assets from threats.

Maximise Acceptance :

Your success is our focus. We drive adoption through user-centric designs and seamless project integration, maximising acceptance for unparalleled growth.

  • Focus on customer success.
  • User-centric design drives adoption.
  • Seamless integration maximizes acceptance.

Your business success
is our top priority!

Say goodbye to business challenges and hello to growth opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

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    Plot K, RDB Boulevard, Chanak Analytics, 5th Floor, 1, GP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

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